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Mewtwo, the Cat

2013-12-28 17.46.43

Introducing my kitten to her new home hasn’t been easy. I brought her into an environment with two grown cats who have known each other forever. She’s feisty: when they want to sleep, she’s swiping at them. When they’re trying to sniff our smooth wooden floor, she’s trying to tackle them. When they want to cuddle, there she is, the little thing, half their size, ready for battle.

She’s not mean or nasty or anything; I taught her to retract her claws at a very young age. She’s just playful. But I’m not sure that her new friends are completely up to her speed.

She’s a little warrior. When she was still a stray, she would fight to the death with other kittens. It toughened her up–and, even though I taught her to play, she’s still got that killer instinct. It’s kind of like turning a soldier into a football player, if you take my meaning.

~Ezekiel S.



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