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Flagging the Flag

I was poking around Facebook when I found this picture:

Jermaine Rogers.

Facebook took it down.

Jermaine Rogers, the artist, posted soon afterward, explaining that it was not his decision.

He explained that people must have been really offended–he received a lot of nasty hate mail. Maybe that’s understandable. Maybe people saw the Swastika flag and failed to understand the artist’s message. For Jews, myself included, the Swastika connotes an oppressed people who were enslaved, gassed, burned alive.

It is estimated that over eleven million Africans were shackled and processed and forced across four or five time zones in a boat. Nobody knows how many died in total, but the estimate for African deaths on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean is over a million. That’s just during the trip, folks—and if they tried to escape, these people were branded, whipped, or killed.

Slave Auction

Either flag is horrible. Today, the Swastika is illegal in Germany. The confederate flag’s legality is being discussed in the US: it is symbolic of an oppressed people. I’d be scared if there were Nazi flags hanging in my neighborhood. I’m just putting the shoe on the other foot. It’s the same size shoe.

Here’s the thing.

This is getting ridiculous.

Apple pulled the ‘Gettysburg’ game out of their app store “…because it includes images of the confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways.” It’s a history-based game—and shouldn’t history be preserved rather than denied? Bernie Sanders, who is running for President, recently said of the flag that it “belongs in a museum,” not in public. Can’t call that a bad idea. Apple just went kind of crazy with it.


Take the flag off the streets. Put it in a museum.

It’s still legal to print a Swastika in Germany, as long as the message is anti-Nazi (for example, a flag with the Swastika–and a cross through it–could be interpreted as legal). So this post here gets removed from Facebook. I realize that Facebook is not the government. But I find that its removal implies censorship’s trump over parody. Parody is a vital ingredient in the soup of political awareness (soup: no pun intended–that’s a Jonathan Swift joke!).

“A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, …” –Jonathan Swift, a Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift



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Dairy: An opinion

Cow and Chicken

In my opinion, dairy farming is very strange practice.

Dairy: it’s process of extraction is strange; our need to extract it is bizarre; and whichever historical expletive decided to squeeze that first bovine nipple, and then actually go ahead and drink the liquid that squirted forth: he, or she, was insane.

But everyone did it, right? The Mongolians even have this fermented milk drink. I think it’s their official drink. It really is a common evolutionary step for almost all people. Am I the only one who thinks old blocks of solid cheese is just the biggest circus in the supermarket? I mean, besides the sodas and Slim Jims.

…but no one seems to question it.

Cheese: moldy milk.

You know?

Yogurt: old milk.

I question food.

Question food. Especially if it’s questionable. But seriously. O.D.ing on milk and corn and mammals is really easy in the U.S. Don’t get me wrong: some days, I can be downright carnivorous. I’ve even been known among my vegetarian friends to make note of the texture of meat strands, cartilage, etc. on my plate.

All I’m really saying is its good practice to question authority. The norm. You know?

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Thanks for reading.

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