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Repairing Time

It’s a new and silly world, here, isn’t it.

What happened to the telegraph, anyway? And how can I miss it if I’ve never seen one? There was something romantic about a quill and parchment, wasn’t there?

Computers, the internet, the ocean of thoughts and softly-lit laptop screens; I’m pretty sure I’m still adjusting to that.

There was once, I think, a satisfactory quality in making it a night out to see classical music play on the weekend, right (they probably just called it music)? …instead of driving out to Wal-Mart in my pajamas for the Redbox machine?

I say that with the birth of advanced technology, and with the introduction of speed, something very human was buried in a pile of undesirable words like uninteresting and slow and unrelateable.

Fine, that’s fine, but time still flows at the same speed as before; one minute is still sixty seconds, and one second is the same second it’s been since the beginning of time (or since we started measuring it, if that’s better to say).

Are we destroying our own potential? I say that what we’re doing is creating a version of time that suits our economic and personal needs. But what’s convenient isn’t always what works (I almost wrote “what’s convenient isn’t always what’s human”–but that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?)

We’re the ones who made and use this stuff. Humans. We’re the ones who chose it, and it’s adaptation time, baby.

Well, maybe for you. I’m going for a walk in the park, and I’m not bringing my smart phone.

Take care


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Dear Technology,

It’s time to pull the plug.
I’m not sure we have a healthy relationship. It seems like we’re always together. I need some breathing room. I don’t get to bask in sunshine anywhere near the amount that I want to. I’ve also been missing out on the shade.
I’m not sure we’ve got a healthy relationship. It seems like every time I want to do some yard-work, or clean the dishes, or read a book, I’ve got something more important to do with you.
And I like that you spoil me—you give me anything I want as soon as I want it—but ever since instant gratification, I’ve lost my ability to be patient. I’m sorry, but between lightning-fast information, access to limitless music and videos, and my ability to nuke a hot pocket in under 2 minutes, I just don’t feel like waiting for much of anything anymore. Seriously, I have to force myself to cook anything that takes 20 minutes, like rice. This just isn’t working out.
I think I need some space. You might be upset, but can you really blame me? It seems like every time I sit down to do something quiet, nice, or intelligent, the person I’m with has some kind of phone alert that they need to respond to. It usually happens when I’m about to say something awesome. The other person always tells me that they’re listening, and I always have to repeat myself. Sometimes I even forget the awesome thing that I was going to say. And, besides, you can’t reconstruct a moment. They come and go on their own.
Technology, what it comes down to is that you’re interfering with my life. I never invited you in this far, but somehow, you’re here.
It’s time to back up. I’m sorry.
Ezikiel Strawberry

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A Steaming Pile of Windows 8

Windows 8 seems to be a steaming pile of baboon dung. Free market’s cool, but I cannot physically operate Windows 8 without feeling like the entire experience is conditioning me to buy stuff I don’t need. Naw, worse. It’s conditioning me to be in a constant position and frame of mind to mindlessly purchase.

The applications are just there. All the time. But I don’t want to rely on apps–***********8*I need more, always I need more, because my life isn’t fulfilling but applications shall fulfill me, and I feel comforted in knowing that I have access to applications on all devices that I own********8***–The new format really seems to be designed to force me into buy-mode.

But what really bothers me is that diabolical fucking start menu. This Lucifer hell-spawn distraction from the abyss is just completely intent on drawing me in to clicking on things that I don’t want to devote any time to. But now I have to, because if I want to get to the internet I have to look at all the other shit there, and get good at ignoring things–all those little squares I don’t want to see, like video games or movies. Are people really unintelligent, to the point where they need colored squares with I.Q.-lower-than-70 icons printed on them?

What is the reason for the corporate attitude that I haven’t got a brain? Or, if I’ve got one, that I should’t use it? The concept of icons is to use recognition as an immediate response, so I don’t have to think–“oh, a video game controller–if I click that, I get to play.” Or: “Oh, a musical note.”

I already have a hard enough time surviving in this world of constant streaming live information overload. But I’m afraid it’s only going to become more difficult in the future.

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04/29/2013 · 4:26 AM