This is in response to Aaron Yavelberg’s article, found here:

“if I do make a mistake, that just gives me a new experience to learn from and to use to teach others.”

 Pioneer on! It’s the job of an oldest sibling, too. Or, anything. Say, technology. Think about the first irrigation systems on the Euphrates: canals lined with limestone. When I think of how many times they must have dug those canals before they thought to line them…how many times did they dig those canals in between flooding seasons, just to watch them melt into the desert?

But they did it, and now we have micro USB and Candy Crush.

Everything’s moving and changing and evolving and that kind of makes me think there’s hope for humanity.

New generations I’ve been in and witnessed, and the old ones that were new at the time, they’ve evolved with the times. American culture evolved every ten years or so in the 20th century.

Look at America’s evolution. Just for a minute. See us as we were at the turn of the century, as relatively isolated. See how we weren’t as able to learn from others, because we were so far from the world, physically and otherwise, for a long time. We’d just spend our first 100 years of existence in fear and war, expanding the country coast to coast, and fighting everyone along the way.

The 1920s, rebellion, crime. Hollywood’s glory. In France, they were painting naked ladies. Here, no. We were much too Christian for that. Which was part of why rebellion was so damn cool.

The 1930s were like a national hangover. Sure, there were still the screwball comedies to cheer people up, but only when they weren’t having their money taken by the bank.

You get the idea. Just see how paranoid and strange we were, how we evolved, how we did drugs as a nation and the drugs got stronger as a nation and how we tossed our oddball music out the window again and replaced it with relaxing alternative rock, and how the chaos of internet rage and trolling seems to be calming down.

Just because the hippies were sabotaged by war and Charlie Manson and things that were beyond the scope of their drug-addled peace-minds, that doesn’t mean that the world won’t eventually get that peace that they wanted.

This whole article is a mess, but I wanted to touch on the fact that I think evolution seems to have a will of its own. I think this is the case because no matter what the situation is, adaptation happens, if for no other reason than because those who do not or will not adapt will not survive.

So humanity is making decisions about what’s right and wrong, and we’re all learning from each other, and eventually everyone will just have a pretty decent life.

It just sucks we still got a ways to go.




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