Dear Gates,


What are you, exactly?

Some would use you to close themselves, to deny parts of the world; others would tear you down at any cost.

If you were behind a gate for so long that you’d forgotten what was on the other side, what would you say if it suddenly crumbled? What would you say if the sun was so bright and blinding that you didn’t recognize the shapes and colors around you? If your eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to its rays?

Gates, try to see it from a different point of view. Understand the gated. Suddenly, there’s no need for this.

Robert Frost says Good fences make good neighbors.  I like that dude. He was a good dude. Piling rocks is good for property management. Boundaries are delightful tools. I use them when I want privacy. Let’s just keep those rocks at waist level. Let’s just make sure we can see each other’s faces.

Is one struggle any different from another?

Actually, it’s completely different. Those differences don’t matter. It’s the person, not the mask.




PS know your role


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07/02/2013 · 10:19 PM

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