An Intensely Pleasant Day

Good afternoon.

And it is a good afternoon. 

I live in the American northeast and today is gorgeous, by god. I mean the sun’s pulsing warmth. There’s sunbeams in my bedroom, complete with the little floaties, the dust things all gentle and shifting on the warm air. 

My Honda Accord has a sunroof. When I drove to the supermarket, earlier, it was open. I rarely do A/C: I need to feel that wind. You know? 

It’s a good day to be alive. 

Usually, if I have something that’s easy to snack on, and I’m in my car, I’ll snack on it. Actually, even if it’s not easy. I’ve eaten ice cream using a bottlecap, while driving. No joke. 

Today I snacked in my car and the car wasn’t moving and the sun warmed my hand while I devoured two sour pickles. The juice looked cool, too, its sewer green juices translucent and illuminated and pleasant. 

Today’s a  good day.

I think people stay inside too much. Dunno bout you, but today, I’m gonna make sure I get at least one solid hour of sunlight, complete with it beating down on my face and everything. 

It’s good to be alive. 

How’s the weather where you are? Let me know.


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